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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Boston mASSacre

The Boston po po busted up the release party for our alma mater's new student-produced smut rag, Boink. (Link not at all SFW, unless you work in a place that's cool with you having nekkid college kids swarming on your monitor. Thought so.) Of course, getting the stopper pulled at 12:30 in the ayem isn't exactly a buzz kill in the Bean, where the bars close at the unconscionably early hour of 1:00, but we still applaud the moxie shown by these Terriers, even though print is no longer a viable delivery system for poonani. Also, the kid who wrote the Freep article is trying way too hard, what with his “spunk” and “stiff” puns; moreover, do you see anyone in the accompanying picture that you'd like to, uh, boink?


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