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Friday, February 25, 2005

Maybe Partying Will Help

There are two things about NYC that will never make sense to us: A) There exist a number of people who are known as “Celebrity Publicists” and B) There also exist a second group of people––and they sort of overlap the people in category A in a troubling Venn Diagram of loathsomeness––who make a living by promoting parties. This guy is one of the latter, and if his Flash-heavy and curiously designed Web site is any indication, he’s got to be as irritating as a pinecone up the ass. (Camping trip. Long story.) However, give “Toshi” a measure of credit … even though he sports a name that sounds as if it were cribbed from the back of a Pokemon card, the guy likes to par-tay. And in doing so, he insists on offering an “unlimited premium open bar all nite long.” Again, not crazy about the willful misspelling of night there, but free booze trumps our curmudgeonly sense of grammatical propriety every time. Here’s the kicker, though. The girls that serve up the boozy bounty are more or less nekkid. How did we not know about this?

The next throwdown isn’t until June 24, but the fact that it’s a “Swedish Party” already has Woodrow Wilson campaigning mightily for reelection to the oval office inside our trousers, if you get our gist. There should be an emoticon for this sort of thing, but alas there is not.


At Fri Dec 09, 03:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the reality of a toshi party

At Sun Jun 25, 06:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were not any Swedes in attendance.. I heard Toshi pissed them off because all the drunk frat boys started to get beligerent with the Swedish girls... So the Swedes were all across town at another club


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